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Why You Should Avoid Roof Insulation

interior view of unfinished roof with skylight

Debunking the Roof Insulation Myth

Despite the common advice to install insulation under your roof, this can do much more harm than good for your home. Any good roofer will advise against roof insulation whenever possible, in favor of attic floor insulation and attic ventilation instead.

There’s a big difference between roof insulation and attic insulation. In this post, we go over why roof insulation is a bad idea and where people commonly confuse it with attic insulation. Here’s the main things you should know.

Can Void Your Roof’s Warranty

interior view of unfinished roof with skylight with roof insulation

Insulation allows for the retention of heat, which is what we want in our homes for those cold winter nights. Your roof, however, is not an area which is responsible for the heat in your home. As long as your roof has been installed correctly and has no cracks or holes in it, it’s serving its purpose.

All the heat generated in your home will naturally rise to the top, accumulating in the roof. It can jeopardize the integrity of the roof when this happens, and your roof will no longer be covered by the warranty if the damage is caused by having roof insulation.

Makes Repairs and Replacements More Difficult

man installing insulation to attic walls

In order to look at and repair any trouble spots or damaged areas on your roof there needs to be access. Roofing insulation makes this extremely difficult to gain. This means that any repair or replacement is going to take a significant amount of time longer than without insulation, and the cost of the job will consequently be more expensive.

The risk of mold and mildew in your attic from roof insulation will also end up costing you money to resolve, so it’s more effective to minimize the risk by choosing to not have roof insulation.

Increases Strain on Your HVAC System

Your HVAC system works hard to maintain the temperature and comfort in your home. If you install roof insulation, all the heat energy your HVAC generated will rise and become trapped in the attic. Not only will this cause damage in your attic and to your roof through trapped moisture and heat, but it reduces the efficiency of your HVAC.

All of the time and work that your HVAC system puts into heating your home is wasted if you have roof insulation because the heat gets lost in the attic. You’ll end up paying significantly more on your energy bills, and your HVAC’s life span will be shorter.

Going with Attic Insulation

Attic insulation is what lies between your home and the attic itself. This means that any heat created in the home will not be able to enter into the attic and get lost, instead it will remain in circulation throughout your home. This also avoids the build up of moisture and mold in the attic caused by roof insulation. Additionally, increasing attic air circulation with attic fans or vents can further protect your roof and roof structure from heat and moisture.

While we don’t offer any insulation services here at Delaurier Roofing, we’re happy to answer any questions you might have about how insulation will effect your roof. Don’t hesitate to give us a call here at Peach State Roofing!

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